The Authentic
Pairpoint Controlled Bubble Knob

Starting in the 1800s, our company began producing one of the most highly sought after door knobs ever produced. Treasured by designers, architects, homeowners, and collectors, the search for an authentic Pairpoint controlled-bubble knob was often times a long and arduous process. Whether it required waiting for an auction house to feature a single knob, or hopefully a pair, or scraping paint off knobs in a salvage yard to uncover shining bubbles underneath worth a small fortune, the reaction it produced once installed made all the patience and effort worthwhile. 

Described as “jewelry for the home,” the sparkling hardware embellishment, often otherwise overlooked, became both a focal point leading interior design, as well as fodder for envious commentary while entertaining guests.

Pairpoint Controlled-Bubble Knob in Copper Blue

Now It's Back!
It is now our pleasure to announce that the Pairpoint Controlled Bubble Knob is coming back. We will be releasing a limited Anniversary Line of knobs this winter. This will be a numbered collection. These are the only true Pairpoint Controlled Bubble Knobs, and will feature our trademark within the glass.

For inquires and to be added to the waiting list, please call us directly at (508) 888-2344.

Price available upon request.