Pairpoint's Distinguished History

Founded in 1837 in South Boston as the Mount Washington Glass Company, Pairpoint is the oldest operating glass company in the country. In 1880, not long after The Mt. Washington Glass Company moved from Boston to New Bedford, it merged with Pairpoint Manufacturing. Pairpoint was a silver and metal works company founded by Thomas Pairpoint, the world famous British silversmith and designer.

 After the merger, the newly named Pairpoint Corporation continued designing extraordinary pieces. Pairpoint's “puffy” lamps are among the most sought after examples. These metal-based lamps feature ornate, polychrome glass shades and command tens of thousands of dollars at auction. 

With a history of producing the most innovative and luxurious glass in the world, examples of Pairpoint’s timeless designs can be found in many museums across the country including the decorative arts collections of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.  

Entire books and exhibits are devoted exclusively to the history and glasswork of Pairpoint, including volumes of study produced by the Corning Museum of Glass. The glass industry today uses many of the designs and techniques developed by Pairpoint over its history. 

Pairpoint is as popular and coveted today as it was back at the turn of the century. High-end retailers including Tiffany & Co., and Shreve, Crump & Low, have featured Pairpoint glass and crystal; and, collectors and auction companies still trade pieces spanning our entire history.

Pairpoint continues to use the same time-tested techniques, including many of Pairpoint and Mt Washington’s original tools, to produce our historic and newly designed product lines. We are proud to have our master glass blowers, some of whom are second generation Pairpoint artisans, continue to produce exceptional glass pieces.

For over 175 years Pairpoint has combined fine craftsmanship and individualized service to provide collectible glassware for individuals and companies around the world. Pairpoint is now expanding that same mission into new product categories. Combining traditionally produced Pairpoint products, newly designed variations, and one of a kind custom commissions, we are excited to continue providing exceptional glass to future generations.