Iain Ross
Master Glass Blower
26 Years with Pairpoint
Years Glass Blowing: 30
Year started at Pairpoint: 1989

Iain is a second generation Pairpoint Glass Blower. His father, Alistair, was considered one of last generation’s most respected Master Gaffers. Alistair began training Iain from the age of 13. While most kids were playing after school, Iain was becoming an expert at making glass, and found his first job as a teenager making paperweights for Perthshire Paperweights in Scotland.

Bringing that talent to America, Iain created a name for himself at a young age by creating pieces for the Metropolitan Museum of Art which allowed him to purchase his own glass making tools, therefore launching his career.

Iain continued his glass artistry at Pairpoint alongside many great glass blowers including his father. Known for his beautiful fine art blown glass creations, delicate hand, and attention to detail, Iain became a Master Glass Blower in his own right.

Whether his work is held by a Boston Marathon Champion, a US President, or commissioned by collectors, Iain’s pieces reflect time honored glass techniques, with a mastery that collectors cherish.