William Hawes II
Head Glass Maker
23 Years with Pairpoint
Year started at Pairpoint: 1981

William’s career at Pairpoint began at our New Bedford facility where he was on a four man press team making up to 800 cup plates per day at the height of their popularity. From cancer foundations to Pope John Paul II, William has personally created pieces enjoyed by our worldwide collectors.

After working Pairpoint’s historic presses, William was also Lead Lamp Maker, and for years performed weekend glass blowing demonstrations for our visitors.

The cold shop, where all pieces are finished or repaired, is where attention to detail is essential. Our pieces are not presented to our customers until it has passed through William’s hands for polish and quality control.

Additionally, as Pairpoint’s head glass maker and color mixer, William carries on the great tradition of creating Pairpoint’s unique colored glass based on generations old color recipes.